Welcome to TCM Consulting, San Diego, CA

TCM Consulting is a computer consulting firm in San Diego, California. Since 1991, we have specialized in on-site consulting with the Macintosh platform and Apple hardware. Everyone at TCM Consulting eats and breathes the Mac. We strive to build long term relationships with our clients, helping them increase operational efficiency. We work to keep our existing and future clients happy by staying up-to-date with current software and networking technologies, and aligning their business goals with their technology goals.


No matter how you slice it…
Whether it’s a single home workstation, multi-server cross-platform networks, cloud hosted services, iPhone or iPad technology, or the latest software solutions, TCM Consulting can help you maximize the value of your investment and turn technology into a competitive advantage for you or your business.

We’re more than just techs, we’re consultants. While it’s critical that your technology works as it should, it’s just as important that you’re choosing the right products and implementing them in a manner to give you the best results. TCM’s years of hands-on experience with hundreds of clients of all kinds, gives us the real world knowledge and client feedback to advise you as to the best solutions and strategies to make you and your staff productive and focused on getting work done, not wrestling with your computers.

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